About Nicky USA

Our Philosophy

"Our goal is to provide the widest variety of sustainable, free range game birds & meats.  In doing so, we strive to enhance the public's culinary education & titillate their palate with exquisite game. In attempting to offer meats of such quality, we feel that we are not only helping to care for the land that sustains us, but furthermore, helping chefs & epicureans come as close to the farm as possible."
- Geoff Latham, Owner & President

Foundation for Success

Geoff Latham, founder of Nicky USA, got his start as a purveyor of sustainably raised game and poultry in 1990 by selling rabbit from the trunk of his Ford Escort to local restaurants and retailers in the Portland area. At the time, area chefs were searching for a purveyor committed to providing the freshest quality game birds and meat raised by local ranchers. Latham saw a great opportunity to work with some of the nation’s leading chefs, ranchers and farmers and introduce a larger inventory of both local and exotic game.

A graduate of the Oregon State University Agricultural Business Management school, Latham has built Nicky USA into a company committed to sustainably raised game. Latham has also expanded his company into the processing industry and has added his Nicky Farm label to the Nicky USA Product line. Nicky Farms label includes locally raised rabbit, emu, water buffalo, buffalo, venison and elk. This system of vertical integration allows Latham to control the quality from the farm to the customer.

With a passion for good food, Latham created Nicky USA’s signature culinary event, Wild About Game in 2000 to educate consumers about the uses of wild game. Today, the event is in its 12th year featuring James Beard-award winning chefs from the Pacific Northwest and has expanded with cookbook signings, cooking demos, and Oregon wine, spirits and brews. “The chefs and ranchers I work with are all passionate about sustainable farming,” says Latham. “This event helps them inform consumers about the wealth of locally raised game.”

Latham is a member of various culinary organizations, among them the American Institute of Food and Wine and the James Beard Foundation. He donates product to many local charitable events including: Eat Mobile, Taste of the Nation, Classic Wine Auctions and IPNC.

Under Latham's keen leadership and creativity, Nicky USA has grown to be the Northwest’s leading butcher and producer of the highest quality game birds and meats, organic, natural and mainstream meats.