The Artisan Marketplace features our favorite vendors offering the best bites and sips in the Northwest from gourmet meats, craft beers, charcuterie, spirits, cheeses, wine, specialty foods, cider, chocolate and coffee. In 2017 we had 45 vendors including 15 who were partnered with chefs from the region's top restaurants to enhance the sampling experience for our attendees. 

"Wild About Game allowed us to show how versatile our product can be to chefs and industry leaders. Nicky USA did an amazing job setting up the show and matching us with one of the most talented chefs in the region. It was a tremendous opportunity and we look forward to doing it
again next year."
-Jack Mancini, Hudson Valley Foie Gras

We could not put on our event without the generous support of our sponsors and vendors. Wild About Game 2017 featured an incredible line up and we were thrilled to work with you to make the event a success. Our deepest thanks and appreciation to you all for your craftsmanship and generosity.

Artisan Marketplace Chef Partners

We partnered many of our sponsors with some of the best chefs in the Northwest to help showcase their products and allow them more time to engage with the event attendees. The results were a stunning collection of bites that still linger in memory.

  • Chef Gregory Gourdet, Departure

Wagshal's Imports/Fermin Iberico

  • Chef Bill Wallender, Quaintrelle
    Mary's Chicken
  • Chef Philippe Boulot, Multnomah Athletic Club
    Painted Hills Natural Beef
  • Chef Brandon Rice, Phil's Uptown Meat Market
    Carlton Farms
  • Chef Kasey Mills, Mediterranean Exploration Club
    Anderson Ranches Lamb
  • Chef Nathan Lockwood, Altura
    Hudson Valley Foie Gras
  • Chef Chris DiMinno, Jackrabbit
    Creekstone Farms Beef
  • Chef Johnny Nunn, Verdegris
    La Belle Farms
  • Chef Jeff Graham, Fort George Brewery
    Nueske's Smoked Meats
  • Chef Bonnie Morales, Kachka - Nicky Farms
  • Chef Michael Aldrich, The Nines - Snake River Farms
  • Chef Dana Lundin, Caves Bier & Kitchen - Classic Foods
  • Chef Carlo Lamagna, Magna - Makaweli Meats

cocktail competition

In 2017 we hosted the first ever Wild About Game Cocktail Competition with help from our friends at Bull In China. Four bartenders stirred & shaked their cocktail creations for the event's 600 attendees. The rules were simple: use a base spirit from one of our spirit vendors - Knob Creek, Bull Run Distillery, or Clear Creek Distillery. Each bartender also decided to add a meaty component to their cocktails, certainly appropriate considering the environment! Fun was had by all and you can count on the cocktail competition becoming a permanent part of the Wild About Game festivities.

The Participants of the 2017 Wild About Game Cocktail Competition were:

  • Brandy Feit, Headwaters at the Heathman
  • Joel Schmeck, Irving St. Kitchen
  • Andrew Castaneda, Renata
  • Colin Carroll, Trifecta Tavern

The Overall Champion was Brandy Feit with her Birdshot cocktail: Duck fat washed Knob Creek rye, sweet & dry vermouth, smoked Medoyeff Truffle Vodka, Bridge City Evergreen Bitters, with a foie gras stuffed olive, duck bacon, and duck fat roasted grape skewer.

The People's Choice winner was Coli Carroll with his Duckworth cocktail: Knob Creek single barrel bourbon, charred cherry wood Infused Carpano Antica, balsamic & vermouth spiced cherry, with duck liver mousse and flake salt.

a final thanks

It takes a huge group effort to put on Wild About Game. Support from our vendors and sponsors is crucial to the event's success. We also like to call attention to the fabulous graphic design work by Holly O'Leary - from the event logo to the poster to the onsite signage, everything looked beautiful. Special recognition goes to our PR firm for helping to secure three of the best judges any competition could ask for and for all of the positive press - thanks for helping to shine a spotlight on little ole Nicky USA. Finally, the event would be impossible without the dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm of our staff. Thank you all for making the event one of the best in the land!