The Artisan Marketplace features our favorite vendors offering the best bites and sips in the Northwest from gourmet meats, craft beers, charcuterie, spirits, cheeses, wine, specialty foods, cider, chocolate and coffee. In 2016 we had 45 vendors including 12 who were partnered with chefs from the region's top restaurants to enhance the sampling experience for our attendees. 

"Wild About Game allowed us to show how versatile our product can be to chefs and industry leaders. Nicky USA did an amazing job setting up the show and matching us with one of the most talented chefs in the region. It was a tremendous opportunity and we look forward to doing it
again next year."
-Jack Mancini, Hudson Valley Foie Gras

We could not put on our event without the generous support of our sponsors and vendors. Wild About Game 2015 featured an incredible line up and we were thrilled to work with you to make the event a success. Our deepest thanks and appreciation to you all for your craftsmanship and generosity.

Artisan Marketplace Chef Partners

We partnered many of our sponsors with some of the best chefs in the Northwest to help showcase their products and allow them more time to engage with the event attendees. The results were a stunning collection of bites that still linger in memory.

Artisan Marketplace Chefs – Vendor Partners

  • Chef Gregory Gourdet, Departure
    Nicky Farms
  • Chef Matt Sigler, Renata
    Creekstone Farms Premium Beef
  • Chef Philippe Boulot, Multnomah Athletic Club
    Painted Hills Natural Beef
  • Chef Aaron Evans, Luc (Corvallis)
    Carlton Farms
  • Chef Andy Deckle, Bistro Marée
    Anderson Ranches Lamb
  • Chef Nathan Lockwood, Altura
    Classic Foods
  • Chef Shaun McCrain, Copine
    Hudson Valley Foie Gras
  • Chef Paul Losch, Ruddick/Wood
    La Belle Farms
  • Chef Trevor Payne, Ned Ludd
    Manchester Farms Quail