Nicky USA has always been a resource for those whose palates tilt toward the more exotic. We supply all manner of adventurous eats including alligator, ostrich, rattlesnake, python, frog legs, kangaroo, and more.


Alligator is a staple of Southern American/Creole cuisine - think gumbos, jambalayas and blackened steaks. The most prized cut is the tenderloin, with the leg/body meat and the sirloin being better suited for soups and stews. The tenderloin has the most delicate flavor, while the extremities pack the biggest gator flavor. The texture of alligator is an interesting mix of chicken and halibut, while the flavor is similar with a just a hint of tanginess from the swamp!


Frog legs are a delicious part of French, Cantonese and Southern American cuisine. They are often compared to chicken wings for their shape and mild flavor--albeit slightly fishy. They are traditionally sautéed or deep fried.


Kangaroo is perfect for the health conscious consumer/chef. It's high in protein and low in fat with anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetic properties. The meat is rich and red in color and is best cooked rare or medium rare.  It packs an interesting flavor - a rare combination of lamb and duck.

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In addition to wholesale orders, Nicky USA is open to the public with a $125 minimum order.