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Hot Deals From The Freezer - BBQ Edition

Get Your Grill On

Fabulous savings on coulottes, pork butts, hanger steaks, zabuton and more. You know the deal - we can't save you any $$$ if you don't call us today...

Hot Deals From The Freezer - BBQ Edition

Nicky Farm to Fork Dinner

A Benefit for The Portland Kitchen

Featuring Chefs Tony Meyers of Serratto & Chris Carriker Bluehour

Saturday June 25th, 5-9pm

Nicky Farm - Aurora, OR

Join us for dinner al fresco at our very own Nicky Farm, located in beautiful Aurora, OR with stunning Mt. Hood Views.

  • Enjoy a 4 course menu featuring Nicky Farms Oregon grass-fed bison & Nicky Farms rabbit prepared by two of our favorite chefs.
  • Sip local wines from our friends at Andrew Rich Wines & Union Wine Company.
  • The dinner is a benefit for our non-profit partners The Portland Kitchen. They use food & cooking to teach life skills & healthy disciplines to at-risk youth. Nicky USA will donate a minimum of $1000 from this event.
  • Meet the owners and founders of Nicky USA and Nicky Farm – Geoff & Melody Latham.
  • Tour the farm.

Tickets available for purchase at - $125 per person, all inclusive

Nicky Farm to Fork Dinner

Father's Day Freezer Specials

Don't Get Him A Tie This Year

Get dad something he'll really enjoy - delicious meats from Nicky USA! Some great options for the grill - stock up for a summer's worth of BBQ deals. Dad probably has enough ties and cheap cologne.

Father's Day Freezer Specials

Eggsellent Savings

Duck Egg Sale

The Stiebrs Family arrived in Washington from Latvia in 1949 from the ashes of WWII with the dream of starting their own business. They began selling eggs in 1953 to their friends and neighbors in Washington's Tumwater Valley, just outside Olympia. Today, the second and third generation of the Stiebrs family have 70 employees, a variety of eggs, and sell their products all over Washington and Oregon. They truly are the egg people.

Nicky is pleased to stock Stiebrs Farms duck eggs for sale to our customers. Duck eggs are larger, cook up slightly firmer, and have a richer, heartier taste than chicken eggs. Duck egg shells are a lot stronger than a chicken egg shell, making them a lot more difficult to crack, but providing them with a considerably longer shelf life  (up to six weeks, if you keep them refrigerated). Bakers love using duck eggs for their high fat content that makes their cakes rise higher and provides them with exquisite depth of flavor. 

If you haven't tried duck eggs, now is a great time to explore their potential. We are offering all Stiebrs Farms duck eggs on sale through the end of June.

One dozen - Reg. $7.47  Sale $6.67 
One case (12 dozen) - Reg. $7.47/dz. Sale $6.47/dz.
Price good through 6/30/16

Eggsellent Savings

Boost the Beefiness of Your Burgers

Our new Nicky USA Black Angus Steak Burger Blend offers incredible flavor and value, and is ideal for any dish calling for ground beef. This ground beef blend is a delicious bonus from our steak cutting program and is made from 100% Creekstone Farms natural, ABF beef trim. The trim is from choice grade or higher striploin, top sirloin, and tenderloin steaks that have been aged for a minimum of 35 days. The grind makes mouth watering burgers that are full of beefy flavor and juicy, with a 75/25 protein to fat ratio.

Creekstone Farms Natural Black Angus Beef follows strict protocols to ensure a truly natural and exceptionally high quality product:
  • No antibiotics ever.
  • No added hormones ever.
  • No growth promoting drugs ever.
  • No artificial ingredients ever.
  • 100% vegetarian diet.
  • Source verified to ranch of birth.
  • Humane animal handling - processing plant designed by Dr. Temple Grandin.
We are offering Nicky USA's Steak Burger Blend in 5 lbs. packs (40 lbs. case weight, item #200090) for the amazing price of $2.99/lb. Boost the beefiness and lower your plate costs!
Boost the Beefiness of Your Burgers
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