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When It Rains, It Spores

Now Offering Mushrooms!

We are pleased to partner with Misty Mountain Mushrooms to offer a diverse selection of premium cultivated, wild and dried mushrooms. Misty Mountain Mushrooms is based in Yamhill, OR and has been perfecting their trade for almost 20 years. They are true champions of the mycological kingdom!

  • Cultivated mushrooms are always picked & packed for peak freshness & flavor.
  • Seasonal wild varieties are sourced from well established forager relationships ensuring premium quality.
  • Dried mushrooms are dehyrated with the utmost care to prolong storage & preserve flavor.

Varieties include: OG Shiitake, OG Maitake, OG King Oyster, OG Abalone, OG Brown & White Hon Shimeji, OG Portobello, OG Cremini, Chanterelles, Morels, Lobster, Porcini, Hedgehog, Truffles and more.

All mushrooms are sold by the case and are available 6 days a week. Contact your Nicky USA sales rep for more details

When It Rains, It Spores

Chef Carlo Lamagna Wins Wild About Game!

Good Time Was Had By All

Congratulations to Chef Carlo Lamagna of Clyde Common for taking the overall prize in Wild About Game. His dish of Nicky Farms Rabbit Arroz Caldo won the judges over for its creative & complete use of the rabbit, in addition to its well executed expression of Filipino comfort food. Le Pigeon's Andrew Mace took home the People's Choice Award with his dish of Nicky Farms Chicken-Fried Quail w/ Smoked Foie Gras Pumpkin Pie. All the dishes were fantastic and worthy of praise, but this isn't tee-ball and not everyone wins a prize. Portland Chefs took the head to head competition against their Seattle bretheren 3 to 1, avenging last year's defeat to the Emerald City team. 

Here is a complete list of the chefs, restaurants and their dishes, including the victors for each round.

Round 1 Nicky Farms Water Buffalo - PK & Wiley Frank, Winner

Johanna Ware, smallwares - Water Buffalo Bolognese w/ Liver, Gochujang, Rice Cakes, Fish Sauce Slaw

PK & Wiley Frank, Little Uncle - Water Buffalo Noodle Soup w/ Wai Wai Noodles, Lu Chin Water Buffalo Meatballs, Fried Garlic Oil, Celery, Chile Vinegar, Shredded Water Buffal Jerky

Round 2 Nicky Farms Rabbit - Carlo Lamagna, Winner & Overall Winner

Carlo Lamagna, Clyde Common - Rabbit Arroz Caldo w/ Smoked Rabbit Leg, Rabbit Confit, Lumpia, Offal Cracklin', Pickled Ramp Relish, Garlic Chips, Valencia Rice Porridge

Brian McCracken, Spur Gastropub - Rabbit & Mushroom Terrine w/ Carrots & Tender Herbs

Round 3 Nicky Farms Quail - Andrew Mace, Winner & People's Choice Winner

Andrew Mace, Le Pigeon - Chicken-Fried Quail w/ Smoked Foie Gras Pumpkin Pie

Stuart Lane, Spinasse - Boned Quail Leg Stuffed w/ Quail Mousse & Lightly Fermented Quail Egg, Celery Root Purée, Smoked Quail Consommé, Crispy Quail Mortadella Chip

Round 4 Nicky Farms Wild Hawaiian Venison - Doug Adams, Winner

Doug Adams, Imperial - Venison Gumbo w/ Venison Carpaccio, Bone Marrow Vinaigrette & Pickled Chanterelles

Eric Sakai, Restaurant Marron - Venison & Mushroom "Stroganoff" w/ Toasted Brioche Dumplings


Chef Carlo Lamagna Wins Wild About Game!

Chef Match Ups & Protein Pairings Announced

15th Annual Wild About Game

The match ups have all been set and the game has been paired for the Game Cook-Off Competition at Wild About Game. We can't wait to see what this amazing group of chefs cook up with our signature Nicky Farms game meats.

RD 1- Johanna Ware (smallwares) vs. PK & Wiley Frank (Little Uncle) featuring Nicky Farms Water Buffalo

RD 2- Carlo Lamagna (Clyde Common) vs. McCracken & Tough (Spur Gastro Pub) featuring Nicky Farms Rabbit

RD 3- Andrew Mace (Le Pigeon) vs. Stuart Lane (Spinasse) featuring Nicky Farms Quail

RD 4- Doug Adams (Imperial) vs. Eric Sakai (Restaurant Marron) featuring Nicky Farms Wild Hawaiian Venison

We are thrilled to introduce our new line of Wild Hawaiian Venison in the final pairing - it is a truly remarkable and delicious product. Join us at the Resort at the Mountain on October 11th for a taste of all of the cook-off action and to sample your way through the Jacobsen Salt Co. Artisan Marketplace, featuring the best bites and sips in the Northwest. Tickets on sale now at

Chef Match Ups & Protein Pairings Announced

Nicky Farms - Lardo Pop Up Dinner

A Benefit for The Portland Kitchen

What do you get when you add Lardo kitchen skills to Nicky Farms wild boar? Simple math reveals the answer- delicious wild boar tacos pernil. The tacos, along with a host of savory and sweet sides, are all part of a fabulous benefit pop up meal hosted in the legendary Lardo cart which now resides just outside their Hawthorne St. location.

Head on down on Wednesday July 22 from 5-10pm and support our non-profit partner The Portland Kitchen. This amazing organization empowers urban youth by teaching culinary job skills and improved eating habits through free, comprehensive programming to Portland high school students.

The net proceeds from the meal, along with 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Double Mountain Brewery's Una Mas Mexican lager that evening will be donated. Doing something positive for the community has never been easier and more delicious.

Nicky Farms - Lardo Pop Up Dinner

Nicky USA's 25th Anniversary Farm Dinner

A Benefit for The Portland Kitchen

Join us in celebration of our 25th anniversary at our very own Nicky Farm located in beautiful Aurora, OR with stunning Mt. Hood views Saturday June 27 from 5-9pm for a dinner in the great outdoors.

  • Enjoy a taste of Nicky's history with a menu featuring rabbit, quail, goat, venison and elk prepared by Chris Carriker of 23 Hoyt & Johnathan Sundstrom of Lark (Seattle).
  • Sip local wines from our friends at Andrew Rich Wines & Union Wine Company.
  • Meet the owners and founders of Nicky USA & Nicky Farm - Geoff & Melody Latham.
  • Tour the farm
  • The dinner is a benefit for our non-profit partners The Portland Kitchen whose mission is to empower urban youth to graduate high school with culinary job skills and improved eating habits. Nicky USA will donate a minimum of $1000 from this event.
  • Tickets available for purchase at for $125
Nicky USA's 25th Anniversary Farm Dinner
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