Nicky Farms: Raised by Ranchers. Coveted by Chefs.


The Grand Opening of Nicky Farm

On June 30th we introduced the Nicky farm to our customers and friends. As part of the celebration, chefs shot shotguns, archery, and muskets in a demonstration from Oregon Fish and Wildlife; and enjoyed a barbecue, lawn games, sunning by the river, and a bonfire.

At the farm opening chefs were intorduced to shotguns, muskets and bows and arrows. This portion of the event was born out of the mutual goals of Nicky USA and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to get chefs closer to their food source and help bridge the urban (chef)/rural (farmer/hunter) divide. Nicky USA has a 24 year history of connecting chefs with local farms, and has been a long supporter of game hunting in the Northwest. For many hunters, accustomed to the flavors of Venison, Elk, Pheasant etc. Nicky USA has been a place to source game meat outside of the hunt.

While many chefs have been connected to the provenance of their heirloom tomatoes and summer berries; our farm, it is our intent to connect chefs more deeply with the source of their protein. Our farm opening also an opportunity for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to reintroduce the outdoors to a new demographic of foodies who would like to learn to hunt and fish.  We hope this is just the first of many adventures on the farm for our customers and friends.


Bizarre Foods at Nicky USA

Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods Visits PDX

We were honored to be featured in the Portland Episode of Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre foods. Zimmern followed a locally raised Nicky Farms Roosevelt Elk from our butcher shop to the kitchen at Lincoln. You can catch reruns on the Travel Channel, or check out stills from the episode, and Zimmern's top 5 moments on their website.

Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods Portland Episode :: Travel Channel

Bizarre Foods at Nicky USA

All You Need to Know About Our Sausage

Nicky Farms Gourmet Sausage
  • All of our Sausages are blended in-house, with recipes designed by our master butcher Jace Hentges.
  • We fill our sausages using a Vemag 500 Reiser Sausage stuffer (from Germany)
  • Our Venison, Rabbit, Cranberry Bacon Sausage is our “Holiday” sausage, and it was our first sausage
  • Our sausages are made with Northwest Ingredients when possible
  • All of our sausages are sold in one pound- four link packs
  • Our most popular sausage is our Russian Wild Boar Sausage
  • We also make custom sausages!

For a complete list of Nicky Farms Sausage visit our prodcuts page here.

To learn more about custom sausages call us today (503) 234-4263.

We are hosting  a sausage fest for chefs and media  at our gourmet garage on January 22 from 3:30-5:30pm. Contact Beth Gilden for more information. 


All You Need to Know About Our Sausage

Congratulations Altura's Nathan Lockwood!

Winner of Wild About Game

Nathan Lockwood from Seattle's Altura took home the prize this Sunday, September 9th, at Timberline Lodge. The 12th Annual Wild About Game cooking competition pitted Portland versus Seattle. In each round, the competing chefs prepared a different protein from Nicky USA. Lockwood was chosen as the overall Winner for his: Cavatelli Cacciatore and Roosevelt Elk Crudo. Lockwood used the elk heart and liver in the ragu for his pasta, and topped his Elk Crudo with a pickled quail egg (We will be posting his recipe in the recipe section on our website and on facebook).

Congratulations Nathan!

Photo credit: John Valls

Congratulations Altura's Nathan Lockwood!

Nicky Heads North

New Seattle Office

The demand for Nicky's top quality meat has been growing up North. In response, Nicky USA is opening a Seattle office. The Seattle outpost will be run by Nicky USA veteran Ben Childs. We hope Ben's presence in Seattle will allow us to continue and improve our service to Seattle restaurants and retailers. Contact us with any questions about our Seattle expansion.



Nicky Heads North
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