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Boost the Beefiness of Your Burgers

Our new Nicky USA Black Angus Steak Burger Blend offers incredible flavor and value, and is ideal for any dish calling for ground beef. This ground beef blend is a delicious bonus from our steak cutting program and is made from 100% Creekstone Farms natural, ABF beef trim. The trim is from choice grade or higher striploin, top sirloin, and tenderloin steaks that have been aged for a minimum of 35 days. The grind makes mouth watering burgers that are full of beefy flavor and juicy, with a 75/25 protein to fat ratio.

Creekstone Farms Natural Black Angus Beef follows strict protocols to ensure a truly natural and exceptionally high quality product:
  • No antibiotics ever.
  • No added hormones ever.
  • No growth promoting drugs ever.
  • No artificial ingredients ever.
  • 100% vegetarian diet.
  • Source verified to ranch of birth.
  • Humane animal handling - processing plant designed by Dr. Temple Grandin.
We are offering Nicky USA's Steak Burger Blend in 5 lbs. packs (40 lbs. case weight, item #200090) for the amazing price of $2.99/lb. Boost the beefiness and lower your plate costs!
Boost the Beefiness of Your Burgers

Save the Date!

The Meatiest Celebration in the NW Returns

Wild About Game 2016, the meatiest celebration in the Northwest, is a mere 5 months away - October 2 at Resort at the Mountain in Welches, OR. This is the chance to rub shoulders with some of the top chefs, restaurateurs and food purveyors in the Northwest, and get an insider's view of the local food industry. For one of the signature features of the event we've have assembled an incredible line up of chefs for our epic Portland vs. Seattle Game Cooking Competition.

Troy MacLarty - Bollywood Theater
Kasey Mills - Mediterranean Exploration Company
Earl Ninsom - Langbaan
Erik Van Kley - Taylor Railworks

Jesse Elliott - Witness Bar
Seth Fernald - Novelty Hill-Januik Winery
Edouardo Jordan - Salare Restaurant
Taylor Thornhill - Bateau

We are also curating a mouth-watering array of food and beverage artisans to bring our attendees the best bites and sips in our Artisan Marketplace.

If you have been, you know this is the food event of the year. If you haven't been, join us to see what the fuss is all about. Tickets go on sale July 5. Keep tuned for more details.

Save the Date!

2015 Wild About Game Recap

The Complete Guide to The Meatiest Celebration in the NW

Wild About Game is our signature event of the year. It's our chance to celebrate the chefs, vendors and food industry partners who make Nicky so successful. From the Game Cooking Competition to the Artisan Marketplace, Wild About Game gives attendees an insiders view of the Northwest's vibrant food scene. 

We'll be announcing details of this year's event in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a look through the recap of last year's event and see what the fuss is all about. It was a spectacular day filled with the best bites and sips from the best chefs and food artisans in a beautiful setting at The Resort at the Mountain in Welches, OR. 

Click here to view the recap and to see sponsorship opportunities for 2016's Wild About Game. WAG2015_Recap_FNL_LR

2015 Wild About Game Recap

Nicky Farms Oregon Grass-Fed Bison

Truly Local, Truly American, Truly Delicious

Another week, another 8 head of our Nicky Farms Oregon Grass-Fed Bison expertly butchered and ready for sale. Working with the whole animal gives us a nice range of cuts and price points, including these meaty short ribs, to suit any menu. The meat is clean with a hint of sweetness and a nice mineral finish. Place your order soon for this special treat before it's gone. Truly local, trulyAmerican, truly delicious.

Nicky Farms Oregon Grass-Fed Bison

Introducing Nicky Farms Jerky

Grass-Fed Oregon Bison & Water Buffalo 5 Spice

Nicky Farms is thrilled to introduce two flavors of premium jerky featuring two of our signature proteins. Our Nicky farms Water Buffalo 5 Spice is rich with the flavors of the classic Chinese spice mix, has a good hit of chile heat and a touch of tongue tingling Szechuan pepper. The Nicky Farms Oregon Grass-Fed Bison is seasoned with a kiss of smoke and sweetness for a traditional jerky flavor profile.

Our jerky is the perfect power protein snack for any occasion. Portable, convenient and most importantly delicious, our game jerky is competitively priced with traditional jerky proteins and an exceeptional value when compared to specialty or other game jerky. We are selling our jerky in a 3 oz. package for $8.50 each at our warehouse or $7.35 each when you buy a case. Suggested retail price for those who want to stock it is $10.99-$11.99 per pack. Consider that Patagonia is selling a grass-fed bison jerky at 2 oz. for $10.

The unique protein choices and flavor profiles of our jerkys are produced to appeal to consumers who appreciate a quality and healthful product that stands out from the crowd.

Introducing Nicky Farms Jerky
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