Nicky Farms: Raised by Ranchers. Coveted by Chefs.

About Nicky Farms

Nicky Farms is focused on bringing chefs and epicureans authentically American meats like rabbit, quail, fallow venison, Northwest elk, water buffalo, emu and bison.  From a group of family-owned, sustainable farms and ranches across the Northwest come the finest offering of natural game birds and animals produced anywhere.

To ensure our high standard in all categories, at Nicky Farms we are involved in every facet of the process, from farmers' husbandry practices to packaging and through delivery, our customers can always expect the best. Because we actually respect the unique concerns our chefs have, we welcome special requests. At Nicky Farms, we are able to customize our cuts for signature dishes or special events. Our customers are always able to count on our assistance for planning seasonal menus and individualized menu offerings.

Just a few generations ago wild game was the largest part of the average american diet. We lost this vital connection to the land, as the move to city living meant relying on corporately owned factory farms. Domesticated and easily produced choices for meat selections quickly became limited to beef, pork and chicken consumption.

Fortunately there is a renewed and growing interest in wild game birds and animals. Educated "locavores" and true gourmands alike are demanding more choices, especially in regions particularly suited for raising delectable and indigenous game.

Game is a healthier choice than commercially raised beef, pork and lamb. Naturally lower in fat and cholesterol, ranch raised meats do not exhibit the gamier flavor characteristics because the animals graze stress free and are harvested gently.

The Nicky Farm

Nicky USA has purchased a certified Organic farm in Aurora, OR. We will work towards increasing our selection of animals for top chefs across the Northwest. Nicky USA will grow rabbits, game birds, and other unique animals using humane and sustainable practices. The purchase marks a return to owner Geoff Latham’s roots as a farmer, and distinguishes Nicky USA as the only NW meat distributor to also grow their own meat.

The 35.9-acre Nicky Farm is located on the Pudding River. The farm, a diamond in the rough, which was once used for growing hops and cattle is a perfect fit for Nicky. It’s home to flocks of wild geese, coveys of quail, a century old farmhouse and a barn similar to one that already appears on the Nicky Farms logo. The first animals to be raised on the farm will be their keystone protein—rabbit.

In 1991 Geoff Latham began selling locally grown rabbits to chefs across Portland. These chefs encouraged him to carry more hard-to-find proteins, and Nicky USA gained a reputation for providing specialty, high quality meat and game for their customers. “I am lucky to have established my business in a place with some of the nation’s best chefs and locavores who are excited about locally grown high quality protein; because of them I am now able to fulfill my life-long dream of growing my own meat on my own farm.”

In an effort to provide more high quality, responsibly grown products Nicky USA launched their “Nicky Farms” brand in 2009.  The brand marks game meats grown by sustainable, family-owned farms across the Northwest. Now, in addition to processing, marketing and selling Nicky Farms products, Nicky USA will join their family farmers in growing their own meat for the Nicky Farms label.

In addition to acting as a working farm, Nicky USA will host chefs and interested persons for farm dinners, hunting trips, boating on the river and tours of the property, with the goal of deepening the connection between the farm and tables across the Northwest.  An open house is planned for summer 2013.  

The Nicky Farm

Get to Know The Master Butcher

Jace Hentges

One of the most important parts of Nicky Farms is our plant manager and head butcher, Jace Hentges.  Lots of companies cut meat, and even more sell boxed meat.  We at Nicky pride ourselves on being butchers.  Jace has extensive training in classic American butchery, with an emphasis on whole animal butchery.  That means we think nose-to-tail every day. 

Jace either touches, or oversees, every piece of meat that passes through our USDA plant.  Furthermore, Jace is heavily involved in the hands-on training of all staff in our plant.  Having a master butcher, and a highly-skilled staff means that we are in a unique position to offer speciality cuts. 

Jace has worked hard to develop new and inventive sausages with his classic American technique--influenced by the European methods from Germany, France and Italy.  This speaks to Jace's strengths because he comes from a family tree full of immigrant German farmers--the kind of family where things like whole animal butchery and head cheese are a regular part of the family reunion.

Follow Jace on Twitter:!/masterbutcher

Get to Know The Master Butcher