Our House Brand Of Premium Meats

Nicky Farms is the house brand of Nicky USA featuring a premium line of specialty game meats. We source our products from our very own farm in Aurora, OR and from independent Northwest ranches & farms, as well as across the USA, and from around the globe to bring the very best meats to our customers. To ensure our high standards for the Nicky Farms brand we are involved in almost every facet of the process, from farmers' husbandry practices to packaging to handling & delivery methods.

Nicky Farms products are raised and sourced to meet the highest standards.

  • Flavor & Quality
  • Vegetarian-Fed
  • Humane Animal Welfare
  • Sustainable Growing Practices
  • Environmental Stewardship of the Land

Our selections include rabbit, partridge, venison, bison, goat, elk, and water buffalo. We also produce a range of specialty sausages including Venison-Blueberry, Water Buffalo Bratwurst, and Elk-Huckleberry, bringing old world craftsmanship together with creative recipes and a passion for innovation. We are always on the lookout to source new products and create new recipes to continually enhance our offerings.

 Nicky Farms Partridge Skewers made with birds raised on our very own farm.

Nicky Farms Partridge Skewers made with birds raised on our very own farm.

On our 36-acre farm we built a state-of-the-art USDA approved Mobile Processing Unit to ensure that from birth to butchery all of our animals are cared for with the greatest regard for animal welfare. The results are the finest meats available anywhere. The farm is also used as a teaching facility for local youth and as a retreat for visiting chefs to connect directly to the source of the food they serve on their menus.

Nicky Farms products are found on the finest restaurant menus and in select retail markets throughout the NW.

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Introducing nicky farms willamette valley farmland honey

We've always been known for our savory side at Nicky USA with our large selection of high quality meats and specialty game. Now we are adding a touch of sweet to our line up. We are thrilled to introduce our Nicky Farms Willamette Valley Farmland honey. Our honey is from hives on our very own farm in Aurora, OR as well as other local farms, and has a well rounded flavor that reflects the diversity of crops grown in the harvest area. Perfect for use in any course of a meal, we are especially fond of making a sweet and spicy glaze with Peek's Pantry Sriracha from Little Uncle in Seattle for our Traeger Grills smoky Mary's Chicken wings - a fabulous playoff football snack. Retail jars and chef pails are now available - contact your friendly Nicky sales rep to order.



In addition to wholesale orders, Nicky USA is open to the public with a $125 minimum order.