It's really simple. At Nicky USA we sell meat. So do a lot of other companies. We believe we are always a cut above the competition in our service, products, and value. Our customers tell us they choose Nicky USA because:

  • We have the most diverse and interesting selection of product at fair prices.
  • We still bring in whole animals from local farms and ranches to breakdown in-house and are able to offer custom and unique butchery options.
  • We offer the best customer service and are flexible in meeting the needs of our clients.
  • We take an active interest in our customers' causes, concerns, and community values. What is important to you is  important to us. We get involved and work with our chefs, restaurant, retail and industry partners to support our communities.
  • We put on (and take part in) the best events in the industry to showcase our products as well as our talented chef and food service industry customers. When you shine, we shine.

Our clients range from the smallest neighborhood bistros to large institutions, and despite the great difference in the size of our clients, they are all equally important to Nicky USA. Every client is treated with the same level of excellence throughout every facet of our business from taking orders all the way through delivery.

For 27 years and counting, Nicky USA has the products, the people and the passion to help your business succeed – guaranteed.

In addition to wholesale orders, Nicky USA is open to the public with a $125 minimum order.

“I use Nicky’s products and I stand behind Nicky’s products. I know they have my back and they know I have theirs. I feel blessed that I have Nicky as my neighbor here in Portland, Oregon to work with every day.
— Gabriel Rucker, Le Pigeon