• Goat Burger


    Try this goat burger using our Nicky Farms ground goat found at your local New Seasons Market (as always, please call ahead to make sure your store has some in stock!)

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  • Sausage and Fennel Sausage Stuffing


    Bulk up your stuffing this year with one of our favorite flavor combinations - sausage and fennel. Any of the Nicky sausage selections would work perfectly. This recipe yields about 12 cups of stuffing, so whether you're cooking for a large crowd, or love good Thanksgiving recipes, this may be the stuffing for you!

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  • Day-Before Giblet Pan Gravy


    Turkey necks and giblets, or the internal organs, make for a very flavorful gravy, and allow you to use all of the bird. Typically giblets include the heart, gizzard, and liver. Check out this recipe for a gravy that serves up to 20 people and can be prepared the day before (also makes for great leftovers!)

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  • Turkey for a Crowd


    Cooking for all your family and friends this Thanksgiving? Wondering how you'll manage to cook a large bird with a home oven? We've got a recipe for that! Adapted from Cooks Illustrated: Meat Book and brought to you by Nicky USA.

    We all fear messing up our prized holiday turkey for the Thanksgiving. Will the skin crisp up and become a beautiful golden brown? Will the meat be moist - oh please don't say we'll be battling dry meat. Here are some tips from the pros:

    Start high, finish low: A combination of high and low heat gave our turkey a crisp skin but kept the bird tender and juicy without drying it out. Be careful to dry the skin thoroughly before brushing the bird with butter; otherwise, it will have spotty brown skin.

    Pump up flavor: We made the meat and pan drippings more flavorful with the addition of onion, carrot, and celery. A quartered lemon added bright, clean flavor.

    Rest uncovered: After roasting, we allowed the turkey to rest so the juices would redistribute, but didn't tent it with foil so the skin wouldn't become soggy. This recipe should give you enough time while the turkey rests to prepare plenty of gravy to go around. (Gravy recipe to follow!)

    Rotation Nation: Rotating the bird helps produce moist, evenly cooked meat, but for the sake of ease, you may opt not to rotate it. In that case, skip the step of lining the V-rack with foil and roast the bird breast side up for the entire cooking time. (This version used a frozen Butterball turkey, which was injected with salt and water - and a kosher bird which was soaked in salt water during processing.) A turkey from Nicky will be more than adequate...!

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  • Water Buffalo Short Rib Adobo

    Water Buffalo Short Rib Adobo


    Water Buffalo Short Rib Adobo with Coconut Sticky Race and Fried Padron Peppers

    Joey Serquinia of Harvest Vine in Seattle won the People's Choice award with this Philipino influenced recipe using Nicky Farms Water Buffalo.

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